Looking for more vibrant results?

We help teams, leaders and organizations improve team effectiveness, build better working relationships, perform exceptionally and create vibrant environments where inclusion, diversity and equity can thrive.

You’ll see some key approaches below, but we would love to start a conversation to explore your specific team or organization goals.

strategic Conversations

Looking to make meetings matter and get more done? We offer strategic guidance, design and support to critical conversations, group decision making, problem solving, visioning, and strategic planning. We help design your meetings for greater productivity with objective, thoughtful insights and powerful process. Our tailored, energized facilitation leads to dynamic dialogue, breaking down common barriers and enhancing relationships and outcomes.

Team & LEAder Development

Hierarchy and power-based systems can interfere with building strong, high performing teams and sustainable success. We facilitate learning programs and team development that cultivates connection skills and enhances workplace culture. We believe today’s front line managers are tomorrow’s CEO’s so we focus on helping the next generation of leaders develop the mindsets and skill sets needed to be truly vibrant. Our programs and coaching build the skills for leading from both head and heart, and prepare everyone for the future of work where collaboration, communication and creative problem solving will drive the brightest results.

Strategic Implementation

Change doesn’t happen overnight and culture isn’t created with a quote on the wall.  We help teams and organizations develop internal communication strategies that make culture come alive, strengthen team relationships, and take compliance from passive policy to compelling conversation. We provide an innovative, active approach to support teams with integrating new habits, skills and behaviours one conversation at a time, and deliver powerful analysis to evaluate the impact and progress of your initiatives.

Learning Strategy

We can help you design and implement learning and development strategies that build skills, incorporate actionable practice and create real behaviour change. We can adapt one of our signature programs to your needs or create custom learning for your organization. We believe in learning design that is simple, flexible and reinforced with practice and we integrate a variety of approaches focused on high engagement and accountability.

What’s in it for you?

Our clients gain a collaborative partner with valuable insights on their organizational challenges and people needs. We adapt leading research and practices to help organizations strengthen communication, improve trust, enhance performance and boost engagement, setting the stage for inspiration, innovation and growth.

Businesses that make their workplaces human-centered make it easier for employees to learn and perform their jobs, solve problems, handle change, work together as a team and deal with stress, leading to improved customer experiences, higher sales and higher skilled employees dedicated to your business and success.

Let’s start a conversation about how to create Vibrant Work in your organization today. 

“Melanie has an innate ability to balance organization needs with the unique needs of all people involved.  She sees things through a variety of lenses allowing her to quickly uncover your critical needs and find ways to achieve them while treating everyone involved with respect. She is fun to work with and no matter how challenging the issue, she addresses it with skill, professionalism, and optimism. If you want someone to help move the organization forward hire Melanie."

Greg Pinks, Vice President HR, Armtec Infrastructure Inc.