Are you achieving your most vibrant results?

Creating strong human relationships and balancing complex business demands takes critical skills and behaviours built through ongoing learning and practice.  You might be a small business owner just building your team or a new manager with big goals and personalized guidance and compassionate support can help you develop the skills you need.

We will work one-on-one with you to help identify opportunities, address barriers and build new habits that lead to greater success at leading people and getting things done in a connected and collaborative workplace. Our approach is focused, flexible and pulls from a number of frameworks that combine theory, practice, reflection and accountability. 

Each client is unique, and we tailor our coaching relationship but we have some suggested options below.


We keep things simple, but the results can be profound.  Engaging in a coaching relationship can help you clarify your strengths and opportunities, improve your focus and enhance your practice habits,  building your confidence so you can lead people with greater skill and ease.

Let’s start a conversation about how to we can help you achieve more vibrant results.

“Melanie’s honesty, humour, and her ability to give me a new perspective on any situation has helped us grow in our confidence as a company. If you want someone who is up for whatever challenge you throw at them, and will help you come out the other side better than when you went in, call Melanie.”  

Alysha Johnson, Operations Manager, Oosterveld Heating and Air Conditioning